Hail Damage Repair

South Florida is no stranger to severe weather — and those pop-up thunderstorms can often bring hail. Unfortunately, if your vehicle is left outside during a hail storm, you could end up with dozens of unsightly dents and dings. This body damage can affect the resale value of your vehicle while also being an eyesore to look at. Fortunately, The Dent Demon specializes in car hail damage repair that’s quick, cost-effective, and guaranteed to last for life.

Hail Damage: Now What?

If your vehicle has suffered hail damage, start by reaching out to your auto insurance company to see if repairs may be covered. If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, there’s a good chance your repairs will be covered (though you’ll want to check and see if you have to pay a deductible).

Regardless of whether your repairs are covered by insurance, our experienced and knowledgeable team can repair your vehicle without the need for body filler or paint matching. You’ll be able to keep your vehicle’s original paint, which helps to retain value and ensures quick service.

Our service team has 20 years of experience handling hail damage repair on a wide range of automobile and motorcycle makes and models. We understand the responsibility that comes with performing body repairs on your vehicle, and we have worked hard to build a reputation as dent repair specialists who deliver quality work with integrity to every client.


Client Reviews


“I said that I did not expect a miracle but a miracle is exactly what I got from The Dent Demon. I have tried mobile dent repairs before but the level of craftsmanship from The Dent Demon compared to those experiences makes this an easy choice should you ever need a dent repaired- save yourself the stress and just call The Dent Demon.”

Jason Howe

“The Dent Demon crew knocked it out the park on my wife’s Audi Q7. Highly professional staff worked fast to get my car in and out ASAP. I will definitely use them for any PDR work in the future!”

Dave Jacober

“The Dent Demon was fantastic! They were professional, quick and knew what they were doing! Not to mention very fairly priced! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!!”

Debra Held
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Don’t panic over hail damage to your vehicle. Our team has the experience and tools needed to restore your vehicle to its pre-storm condition in no time. Contact us today to learn more about our hail damage repair services.